Why Rotaire

Why Rotaire? Because it is the ultimate washing line cover, the first effective laundry rain cover in the world!

Wind power without the turbine.

Solar power without the panels.

Supplying solutions, not products. Peace of mind; the Dryline experience.

The first and only product to solve the problem of rain on washing day, saving time and worry, freeing you from the weather. Above all it saves money by not using energy to dry your clothes. Quite simply, it is a cover that attaches to a rotary line - then it lives on the line and protects your laundry from rain, birds and more.

The Dryline will pay for itself in reduced energy bills in 6 to 8 months. People are generally unaware that the washing cycle uses 1/3 of domestic energy.

An umbrella without a cover is useless, so why treat your laundry that way? The Dryline will not dry your laundry as quickly as a tumble dryer, BUT there will be no pollution, cost, energy or wear and tear on your clothes! It's even pleasant to dry naturally in the open air - gives a fresher feel and smell.

And, most importantly, it will pay for itself in about 6 months! GET ONE NOW!

No matter how careful you are when hanging out your washing, a sudden shower can mean that it has to be taken in wetter than it went out. The option is to dry it inside. This causes damp atmospheres and rooms full of wet washing needed for the next day: A NIGHTMARE!

Or you can stick it in a tumble dryer. This will obviously waste valuable (£100+p.a.) electricity heating the outside atmosphere and unnecessarily contribute to the global climate change we should all be addressing: ANOTHER NIGHTMARE!!

We hate uncertainty - will it rain today? Should I hang out the washing? Will it be dry when I get back home?

Just hang it under the Dryline and forget the problems!

-No more worries about rain

-Saves money (over £100 p.a. typical)

-Saves energy (over 1000Kwh pa typical)

-Fits all known rotary washing lines

-Fit once; folds up and down with airer

-Saves bird mess on clothes, also insect and tree deposits

-Prevents Ultra Violet bleaching

-The first effective laundry cover in the entire world!

The Rotaire Dryline is the only rotary washing line cover that is designed to fit existing rotary airers to provide a weather and bird proof cover which allows air to circulate freely through the washing. A weighted mesh skirt surrounds the durable polyethylene cover, carrying windblown rain clear of the washing. In summer, the Dryline can accelerate the drying time so that 2 or even 3 loads can be dried outside in a day! In winter it can freeze the water out of the clothes.

We also sell airers with matching Drylines to take the hassle out of measuring the airer - see top of page.

A British solution to a British problem!

Climate change is happening; just look at the British floods of summer 2007 and 2009, 2011 and 2012, the record rainfall 2012 and UK droughts 2012 and 2013 not to mention devastating floods in New York, New Orleans, Bangladesh, China, and Thailand, fires across Greece, California and Australia, vanishing ice caps and rising seas. Climatic disasters are increasing both in frequency and intensity, and will continue to do so without our intervention.

OUR CONTRIBUTION: a solution to natural, energy free drying using a Dryline washing line cover

The Rotaire Dryline will pay for itself within the first 6 months! And it avoids the energy-guzzling tumble drier to lower your carbon footprint. Research shows that the cost of tumble drying for a family of four is £100-£150 per year - and rising.

A storage cover is available (see  Accessories) so that you can simply fold down the dryer and Dryline together and cover them for storage.

We all know that natural drying is best.The Rotaire is the ultimate clothes dryer! The Rotaire Dryline is designed to fit existing rotary airers and rotary washing lines to provide a weather- and bird-proof cover which allows air to circulate freely through the washing. A weighted mesh skirt surrounds the durable polyethylene cover, carrying sideways rain clear of the washing. In summer, the Dryline actually accelerates the drying time so that 2 or even 3 loads can be dried outside in a day!

The rain cover has to be right because WOMEN KNOW BEST about washing! (And a few NEW MEN!) The first Rotaire samples were tested by over 100 volunteer men and women early in '07 to test the design. Improvements were made as a result and the resulting improved versions are on sale. Although it took over three years of painstaking development and more than a dozen prototypes to get to the current design, no risks are being taken with the product. Development is constantly happening to bring you the most perfect rotary washing line cover to protect against rain. Indeed, until pale imitations came on the market it was the ONLY laundry cover in the world to suit all airers.

We aim to help the planet to heal itself by reducing energy use: the only solution there is.

Power saved by the combined efforts of Rotaire users from 2012 to 2016 by not using the electric tumble dryer is calculated at:

23,942,400 kwh = 10,295,232 tonnes of CO2

Congratulations to the residents of England for leading the way. You are at the top of our league table!

Rotaire Dryline also offsets its annual carbon footprint of 2.546 tonnes of CO2 by supporting projects to reduce carbon emissions through the Carbon Trust. Green Electricity and gas are provided by Ecotricity. It donates a percentage of its profit to Water Aid. Deliveries are carbon offset. The director is also a Green Party Councillor.