Why Rotaire

Why The Rotaire Dryline?

We can all appreciate that drying clothes naturally is economical, ecological, and can even be good for you.

But, no matter how careful you are when hanging out your washing, a sudden shower can mean that it has to be taken in wetter than it went out. Do you make a mad dash for the laundry when it starts to pelt? Do you hate the uncertainty before hanging it out in the first place? Do feel brave enough to go shopping and leave the washing out before shutting your front door?

The option WAS to put off washing for another day or to dry it inside. Not any more; not now that you have the Rotaire Dryline.

And so easy to use!

Quite simply, it is a cover that attaches to a rotary line - then it lives on the line and protects your laundry from rain, birds and more. A weighted mesh skirt surrounds the durable polyester cover, keeping windblown rain away from the washing. It has an optional cover that folds down with your rotary dryer and fastens neatly away.

How it works

The Rotaire Dryline allows air to circulate freely and dries laundry with the convection current produced. In summer, the Dryline can accelerate the drying time so that 2 or even 3 loads can be dried outside in one day! During the winter it can freeze the water out of the clothes. So, you can ditch the tumble dryer.

Ditch the tumble dryer. REALLY?

Other than the fact that tumble-drying is incredibly expensive, there are lots of reasons to ditch that dryer. By the time you finish reading, you’ll wonder why you have one!

Smart Economically

Currently, the cost of using a tumble dryer for the average U.K. household is between £100-£150 per year and rising. The Rotaire Dryline provides a really smart solution to the problem of line drying even in the colder seasons. This means you have the luxury of drying outside all year round, thus reducing your costs even further. Plus, when you factor in the cost of a buying a dryer, the insurance and maintenance of the machine, the disposal of an old one and the rising costs of electricity it can all add up to a tidy saving!

Having a Rotaire Dryline means that your heating bills won’t need to increase because of drying on radiators, too. In the colder months, it can also be tempting to turn the heating up when the clean, wet washing has piled up. With the Rotaire Dryline, you can still use your rotary dryer even as the seasons change. An added benefit is that it keeps your home free from the humidity and mould that builds up from drying inside and brings down your costs. The Dryline will pay for itself in reduced energy bills in 6 to 8 months. What’s not to love?

Smart Ecologically

The Rotaire Dryline not only saves you quite a bit of money, it also promotes energy conservation. An average range tumble dryer uses about 84kw of energy every month, a whopping 1000kw + a year! Factor in the CO2 you throw into the air? It’s no joke. With a rotary dryer you can you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Imagine that per household? Image the difference we could make if we all used rotary dryers with the Rotaire Dryline?

Proof of the Pudding

We were so curious about what impact the Rotaire Dryline has already made on the environment that we tested it. The power saved by the U.K users of Rotaire Dryline alone from 2012 to 2016 by not using the electric tumble dryer was calculated at 23,942,400 kwh. That’s equivalent to 10,295,232 tonnes of CO2 saved from polluting the atmosphere. We are smiling but there’s more we do.

We at The Rotaire Dryline also offset our annual carbon footprint of 2.546 tonnes of CO2. We support projects to reduce carbon emissions through the Carbon Trust, our green electricity and gas are provided by Ecotricity and we donate a percentage of our profits to Water Aid. It makes sense that our director is a Green Party Councillor!

We’ve made some positive impact and created a cost effective solution to a costly problem, which is great. It’s a fantastic way of promoting wellbeing. It’s also a fantastic way of getting the kids involved in household chores and getting them consciously, actively involved in protecting the environment and reducing bills.

What a positive way to get the kids hanging out the laundry...

Smart Personally

Protecting your existing laundry by drying it naturally is gentler on your body as well as on the clothes. This is especially good news for people with sensitive skin. Fewer chemicals are used that can irritate or damage your delicate dermis. You’d also be saving loads on buying dryer products!

Not that we need them anyway…we all know that drying naturally can get rid of nasty odours and give laundry a fresher feeling. The sun acts a natural disinfectant and can keep your clothes feeling and smelling great. By drying outside with the protection of the Rotaire Dryline, your washing can smell lovely without the use of chemical sheets as the air itself removes pesky pongs.

The protection of your laundry doesn’t stop there. You can leave your pegs on the line to keep them handy, clean and dry. The Rotaire Dryline shields your clean washing from bird mess, leaves and tree residue as well as acting as a barrier from colour bleaching UV rays. It even fits all known rotary washing lines so no need to replace your existing one! However, if you are ready for a completely new kit, we also sell airers with matching Drylines and storage covers to take the hassle out and put the glam back in.

Fabby Not flabby bonus….

Who knew that having a Rotaire Dryline was good for your waistline?

15 minutes of hanging washing and taking it down when dry burns up a fabulous 68 calories and helps you stretch and bend in the beautiful outdoors. It’s a bit of stress relief in a hectic day. You could do this all year round with the Rotaire Dryline. That’s an extra 860 calories gone every year.

Smarter Choice?

The Rotaire Dryline is the ultimate rotary washing line cover. It is the only rotary washing line cover that is designed to fit existing rotary airers to provide weather and goo proof protection. It allows you the luxury of drying your clothes naturally, even when the heavens open and the rain pours down. And it is a cheaper, greener, cleaner option.

The Rotaire Dryline is the smartest solution.