Dry Humour

Dry Humour - have you ever wondered how inventions occur? Here's one Eureka moment!

The Rotaire Dryline is the only rotary washing line cover that is designed to fit existing rotary airers to provide a weather and bird proof cover which allows air to circulate freely through the washing. A weighted mesh skirt surrounds the durable polyethylene cover, carrying windblown rain clear of the washing. In summer, the Dryline can accelerate the drying time so that 2 or even 3 loads can be dried outside in a day! In winter it can freeze the water out of the clothes. 

Just hang it under the Dryline and forget the problems! 

-No more worries about rain 

-Saves money (over £100 p.a. typical) 

-Saves energy (over 1000Kwh pa typical) 

-Fits all known rotary washing lines 

-Fit once; folds up and down with airer 

-Saves bird mess on clothes 

-Prevents Ultra Violet bleaching 

-The first effective laundry cover in the entire world!