Symphony showing frame construction

Symphony Airer and Dryline

The Rolls Royce of rotary airers! Top quality 45m rotary airer with Classic S2300 Heavy Duty Dryline. 

Designed in Ireland to the highest standards and matched with our new Heavy Duty fabric cover; we have never found a better combination. An airer to last a lifetime. Centre post 34mm dia with 4mm wall thickness for super strength. Includes aluminium ground socket for concreting into the ground.

Our flagship product, it is simply the best washing line on the market. The dimensions are 2.3 metres (90") side length, 3300mm diameter (126") Available equipped with Original or Deluxe material, please choose from the drop-down menu Storage cover included FREE. 

The airer is delivered separately to the Dryline and accessories.


Symphonies are also available in a heavier weight 'Deluxe' Luxury 300 grade woven material.


  • A square waterproof cover with a central vent and 100mm side wall attached to a 900mm mesh skirt which catches even wind blown rain,
  • A weighted hem all round the skirt to prevent it blowing in the wind, and corner weights for added stability,
  • A top quality British made airer designed to suit the Dryline and made of heavier gauge steel for added strength.


  • Supplied fully assembled with clothes line cord pre-strung.
  • 4 arm 140 ft rotary clothes line
  • Bright anodised tubular aluminium arms and braces will not tarnish
  • Super strength all aluminium construction with gold colour solid aluminium brackets.
  • The lines will not sag
  • Will rotate easily in a light breeze even when fully loaded
  • Spring action self locking latch
  • pvc poly core green clothes line
  • supplied with free ground socket 38 mm od (1 1/2 inch od)
  • Will fold and can be stored away when not in use
  • Longest top line span 2.3 meters (7ft 4inch)
  • Rotating diameter 3.3 meters (10ft 8inch)
  • Centre mast 34 mm (1 3/8 inch) OD with 4mm wall for superior rigidity
Product United Kingdom Highlands and Islands Ireland Europe United States
Dryer and Cover £10.00 £21.00 £15.45 £25.83 £55.00
Cover Only £7.08 £18.00 £15.45 £25.83 £45
Accessories £4.15 £4.75 £9.45 £9.45 £25.00

I've used the dryline all the way through winter. I hung the washing out on the very coldest of days and then bought it in and put it on an airer inside to get it completely dry. No tumble drier for us this winter!

I bought one of these rain covers from you a good few months ago and I have to say that it is the best thing i have ever bought.

through all the rain down pores,and floods that we have had I have still hung out my washing on the line and it has dried. I found that as long as you hang the larger items to the middle and the smaller item to the out side they dry just fine do take a bit longer but it has saved me a fortune in electricity by not having to use the tumble drier.

I just want to say a big thank you and I hope you can share this message with some of your potential customer.

I highly recomend it and thanks again Sue

We are thankful every day for the very solid, well-made de-luxe rotary dryer and cover you sent us! It's like having an extra room, and makes the house feel more spacious without all the washing hanging around. We've had a problem with mould from 10 years of drying washing indoors (we could never contemplate using a tumble dryer) but now can feel the house drying out. The dryer holds 3 or 4 loads of washing and we put it out and just forget about it - no more guessing whether it'll rain. It dries remarkably quickly and comes in smelling fresh. It feels very satisfying to use and should be included in Energy Efficiency measures recommended or provided by local councils and schemes. Thank you again for a brilliant product - worth every penny!

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