Do I have to fit the Dryline each wash day?

No, it can stay on the line full time. It folds up and down with the airer if you like to take the washing line down. There is even a cover to store it in, called the Rotaire Drystore. The Dryline was designed to function without disturbing the normal operation of the airer, so it will not get in the way.

Does it work on straight lines?

No, because of structural and design problems, a straight dryline hasn't been invented yet. The rotary approach means that several gardens' worth of line can be accommodated under a rain cover conveniently.

Does the Dryline dry overnight?

Yes, the washing is often dry by morning through a large part of the year. If not, a brief spell indoors will dry it completely.

Does the Dryline work in the winter?

Yes, it works in winter unless it the temperature below zero. Obviously it will take longer, but unless you are in a hurry there is no problem leaving it out, because the air is still keeping it fresh. If the temperature is below freezing, you can shake most of the water out in the form of ice crystals!

Does the Rotaire Dryline washcover save energy?

Yes, the Rotaire Dryline does save energy against tumble dryers and indoor passive drying. Try to think of it as a solar drier for washing. Compared to a tumble drier it will save about 800 Kilowatts of electricity each year and pay for itself in less than a year.

Does the skirt come with it?

Yes, the skirt is integral with the roof part of the Dryline because it is so important for the efficiency of the Dryline. We have tried the design with and without the skirt, with plastic sides and other approaches, but none work as well as with this skirt.

Doesn't the Rotaire stop the laundry drying by shading it?

No, the Dryline does not stop the laundry drying, though occasionally it can slow it down. We were surprised to find that it speeds drying in summer because the hot sunshine causes the air to heat up under the cover, and because of the central vent it draws fresh air up through the middle of the washing, which is usually shaded. This causes a thermal ventilation of air past the laundry - and despite what Deborah Meaden says, it is the air that dries the laundry.

How can I dry my washing outside when it is raining?

The Dryline lets you hang your washing and forget it. It attaches to your airer and will even fold down with it. It forms a waterproof tent with mesh sides to protect your washing from rain and bird mess in all but the most severe weather, making your airer usable all the time, all year round. It keeps the lines clean and protects your airer from the elements as well.

How long has it taken to develop the Dryline?

It took over two years and eleven prototypes to get a viable product, but development is ongoing. We have introduced a heavier-grade material that has lasted over 6 years on test here 24/7, and we are introducing a lighter-weight material that promises to last just as long.

I don't like the look of rotary airers. Why should I buy one

Firstly, you can fold it down, cover it and remove the whole airer from view if, like Kelly Hoppen you think it is an eyesore. We think it improves the look of an airer, and we long to be able to have pretty designs! Secondly it will save you money; even if you dry indoors it still takes energy out of your heating bill. Thirdly, it can be part of your effort to go Green - and a painless one. We reckon that we have saved 7,980,800 kwh equalling 3,431.744 tonnes of CO2 through 2012 and 2013 by not using the electric tumble dryer.

Is it easy to put on and take off?

You don’t need to take it off since it folds down with the line, but if you want to, it only takes 5 minutes

Is the Rotaire Dryline just to protect your washing line?

No, it is there to protect your laundry, although it protects the airer and keeps the lines clean. This is the only washing line cover designed to cover the washing as well and to allow energy-free drying all year round.

Is there a cover like an umbrella for a rotary clothes line?

The Rotaire Dryline range covers nearly all rotary airers, the exceptions being small touring airers, wall-mounted and extremely large ones. A wall-mounted version is in development.

It works like an umbrella although it uses the arms of the airer for location and support, making a shelter for your washing. Then you can go out and party, shop or just relax without having to watch the clouds. Some clients even hang out their washing overnight and take it in next morning!

Is there any downside to this invention?

Not really, though with some airers the outside line is less useful due to its proximity to the outside of the Dryline. 

Is there anything that would damage a Dryline?

Yes. You have to be careful about wind. In 70 mph gales they have been known to take off. However, it is easy to fold them down if needed, and we recommend this cautionary practice. In exposed conditions we recommend tethering the corners of the airer using guy ropes and ground pegs, which will steady the whole airer against strong wind.

Is there information on the web?

There is a lot of information about the Dryline on the web, including YouTube videos, our blog and this website - apart from the many customer reviews on Moneysupermarket and other forums.

It doesn’t dry when it’s raining, does it?

Yes it does! It’s the air that dries the clothes, while the sun is an added bonus if it actually shines! It's more likely that the washing would get soaked by a sudden shower if left out on an unprotected airer.

So what happens when the rain doesn’t fall straight down?

That’s why the mesh skirt that surrounds the roof is so important; the wind-blown rain catches in the mesh but the air goes through to dry your clothes

What does the Rotaire Dryline protect the laundry from?

Primarily the Rotaire Dryline protects the laundry from the rain, but it also prevents bird mess and Ultra - Violet bleaching by the sun. It has also been used as a place to exercise the cat or dog, a playhouse for children and a multi-purpose parasol!

What if your airer goes down to the middle like mine does?

We supply an extension post as part of the Classic kit, or else you can have the Adagio version that drains down towards the centre like a funnel.

In addition we have the Rotadaptor which will convert the airer to a Classic type (which we find customers prefer to the Adagio on aesthetic grounds)

What is the mesh side skirt for?

The mesh skirt is an important part of the Dryline because most rain does not fall vertically. The mesh skirt protects the washing from sideways, wind-blown rain. Because of the mesh size it is very effective at catching the droplets,after which they run down the mesh to the weighted hem and fall clear of the laundry.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this idea before?

They have, but until now no-one has come up with a design that works. The Dryline does what it says it does!

Why is the Rotaire Dryline so expensive?

If you think the Dryline is expensive you should analyse your heating bill. The Dryline is a tailored product requiring four hours to assemble, being reinforced and double stitched where necessary to give a lasting product. In comparison to the energy bills required to power a tumble dryer the Rotaire Dryline is quite inexpensive. The only reason it is not in the big retail outlets is that it costs too much to make, given their huge profit margins.

Will a washing line cover protect my laundry from rain?

Rotaire invented the Dryline to answer this everyday problem. Many people have asked us why someone did not think of it earlier - to make a cover to protect laundry from showers? – well, now they have!The problem was so obvious that one wonders why the millions of airers in use do not have a cover already. Most of the time they stand idle waiting for a sunny day!

Will it fit all rotary washing lines, rotary lines & airer?

Rotaire tries to provide a Dryline to suit every airer. This means there are over fifty variations! (just check out our product range here !). Find out which Rotaire fits your dryer using the selector. If yours is not covered by one of these, we will make one on special order if you ask.

Will the Dryline save the planet?

No, but using a Rotaire Dryline could save over 4 million tonnes of CO2 each year This is the amount emitted to power tumble driers in the UK, and the figure mounts to 45 million tonnes across the EU. These are conservative figures. To save the planet we need to reduce our energy consumption enormously: we have to be very smart indeed. In fact, it is not the planet that we can save, but ourselves - the human race.

You wouldn’t want it on when the sun’s shining, would you?

Yes, you would! While you can remove it if you wish, the heat builds up under the roof and helps to dry the washing by convection through the central vent if it is left in place, and it will often dry faster if left on (remember that most of the washing is in the shade of other sheets etc.) And you can't get caught out by an unexpected shower of rain.

Why did you invent it?

Office colleagues, my wife and friends resented returning from work to find the laundry soaked. Clearly a cover was needed, but there wasn't one on the market. All of a sudden it was so obvious that the inventor wondered why the millions of airers in use do not have a cover already.