About Us

About the Dryline

Development of the Rotaire Dryline started in 2005 with the filing of the UK patent and the first trial of nearly 100 volunteer testers in the local area in January 2006. They had just been delivered and fitted when the hurricane of January 2006 hit the West Midlands. This proved to be a benefit in the long run, but at the time was a major problem, because the initial design did not cope with the severe winds, and some airers even took off and landed in neighbouring gardens. It allowed us to improve the performance of the product so was definitely beneficial, even if depressing at the time!

It took nearly a year to resolve the problem and to get a new batch of Drylines made, and since then sales have grown to the extent that we have sold nearly 10,000 Drylines from our web outlet and other on-line retailers.

The Mass Market

We have tried to get the Dryline into major retailers, but the cost of manufacture is too expensive for their very high profit margins. However, we have sold a considerable number in Ireland and Germany, where there is a ready market for these energy-saving household gadgets that allow you to dry outdoors in the rain. We are at the point of distribution to the USA and Ireland direct and our Irish website is now live.

The Company

Rotaire Dryline Ltd is a privately held company, being a trading name of 1% Studio (Shakemead Ltd), the invention design company who have marketed it to date. Its three shareholders were all involved in the invention of the product.