Airer and Dryline Combo

What is the Dryline?

The Dryline is a waterproof cover to fit a rotary washing line. It lives on the airer and folds down with it when not in use, protecting your clothes from rain, bird mess and Ultraviolet rays.

It spares you the trouble of worrying about the rain, allowing all year drying without energy bills or damp in your house. It will pay itself off against a tumble drier in about 6 months.

In summer, the Dryline actually accelerates the drying time so that 2 or even 3 loads can be dried outside in a day!

The Symphony

Rotaire have now developed a combination of rotary airer and Dryline to make it easy for the first time user, or for those with tired airers, to get a perfectly fitted solution to their laundry problems.

The Symphony matches the Breezecatcher rotary airer with the latest heavy duty Dryline, made of a heavier woven fabric material suitably reinforced at the corners and centre panel. The mesh skirt, as with all Drylines, is equipped with weighted hem to stabilise it in wind. This traps the rain while letting the air through to air your clothes while the top vent allows rising hot air to draw air upwards across the laundry. Access to the washing is easily gained by lifting the corners of one side over the top cover, where it will rest until you let it down. The whole airer and Dryline can be folded down when not in use, and if using the Drystor storage cover can be covered or even put away to leave an open garden.

The stylish, all-metal rotary airer is made of heavy grade aluminium providing 36 metres of line, built to engineering standards with bearings to let it rotate easily in the wind, and is likely to last a lifetime. The lines are spaced well apart for circulation, while the centre post is 4mm thick and internally reinforced for extra strength. A Rolls Royce indeed!

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