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SYMPHONY, SONATA and CONCERTO are combinations of rotary airer and Dryline developed to make it easy for the first timer, or those with tired airers. To use, just hitch the mesh skirt up onto the canopy and walk in - it won't fall down.

The Symphony aluminium airer and Dryline

SYMPHONY and SONATA: heavy aluminium frame with waterproof Deluxe fabric canopy and weighted mesh skirts. The Rolls Royce of rotaries!

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The Concerto steel airer and Dryline

CONCERTO: robust steel frame with waterproof fabric Dryline canopy and weighted mesh skirts. The everyday answer to drying laundry.

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Dryline looking lovely in a pretty garden with roses

COVERS FOR EXISTING AIRERS: We make a wide range of Dryline canopies designed to fit your current rotary washing line. If it ain't broken, why fix it?

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   Reduced price on Drylines for ALL triangular (3-arm) airers - 

   while stocks last! - AND Lower delivery charge to IRELAND!


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Wind power without the turbine.

Solar power without the panels.

Supplying solutions, not products!

Peace of mind; the Dryline experience.

Dryline will typically pay for itself in reduced energy bills in 6 to 8 months. People in general are unaware that an entire third of the energy use of the home is devoted to the washing cycle.

The first and only product to solve the problem of rain on washing day, saving time and worry, freeing you from the weather. Above all it saves money by not using energy to dry your clothes. Quite simply, it is a cover that attaches to a rotary line - then it lives on the line and protects your laundry from rain, birds and more.

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If you saw someone using an umbrella without a cover you'd think them crazy! Why do we do the same to our laundry?

Why Wait? Join our thousands of satisfied customers.Spring is here now so there is every reason to dry your laundry outside, where it should be! Stop the damp and condensation in your space.

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We hate uncertainty - will it rain today?

Should I hang out the washing?

Will it be dry when I get back home?

Just hang it under the Dryline and forget the problems!

  • -No more worries about rain
  • -Saves money (over £100 p.a. typical)
  • -Saves energy (over 1000Kwh pa typical)
  • -Fits all known rotary washing lines
  • -Fit once; folds up and down with airer
  • -Saves bird mess on clothes
  • -Prevents Ultra Violet bleaching
  • -The first effective laundry cover in the entire world!

The Rotaire Dryline is the only rotary washing line cover that is designed to fit existing rotary airers to provide a weather and bird proof cover which allows air to circulate freely through the washing. A weighted mesh skirt surrounds the durable polyethylene cover, carrying windblown rain clear of the washing. In summer, the Dryline can accelerate the drying time so that 2 or even 3 loads can be dried outside in a day! In winter it can freeze the water out of the clothes.

We also sell airers with matching Drylines to take the hassle out of measuring the airer - see top of page.

A British solution to a British problem!

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Green your washday-
Good for the planet as well as your purse.

What's the weather like today?-
Check the forecast for your postcode - http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather to see how your washing will dry.

Power saved by the combined efforts of Rotaire users in 2012 and 2013 by not using the electric tumble dryer is calculated at

7,980,800kwh = 3,431.744tonnes

Congratulations to the residents of England for leading the way.
You are at the top of our league table

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Rotaire Dryline also offset its annual carbon footprint of 2.546 tonnes of CO2 by supporting projects to reduce carbon emissions through the carbon trust.

Carbon Trust

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The Dryline and its inventor was featured on BBC 2 Dragons' Den. The influence is spreading!  The Dragons didn't like the idea but hey, what do they know about laundry? A lot of you viewers could see it made sense.....As one customer wrote:"My wife has been so impressed with the opportunity to dry our clothes in all weathers – living in Glasgow, all weather is mostly rain – that we decided to invest in  a Rotaire. In spite of the “dragons” comments we don’t see your product as an eyesore, but simply a great invention to the meet the needs of ordinary working families,"


At last we will be changing to our new website. We hope the site will give you more and better access across platforms, and make it easier to choose your ideal Dryline. The address will be the same, www.rotaire.com, but the style will be much more modern.


There's no better way of appreciating the quality and effectiveness of the Dryline than at an Exhibition. It's important to feel the materials, see the workmanship and judge how it will work for you.

We showed the Dryline at the RHS Malvern Autumn Show in September and at the Grand Designs Live! Show from at Birmingham's NEC in October. We met Kevin and the Dryline is on his list when he picks his top ten Green Heroes for 2015 next year. See http://www.granddesignslive.com/


Based on the Channel 4 TV series, and presented by design guru Kevin McCloud, the Grand Designs event was packed with over 500 exhibitors, across six different sections, covering interiors, gardens, food and housewares, kitchens and bathrooms, home improvement, self-build, renovations, technology and shopping.

This will be really exciting for us, but what's got our imaginations going wild is that we will be exhibiting at the Chicago International Home and Housewares Show from March 7th to 10th 2015. Chicago, Chicago, that wonderful town! Chicago, Chicago I'll show you around...

America is a huge market and distribution over there will be a massive increase in our turnover. Only trade customers are allowed in and we just need the right person in the right place to take the Rotaire to another level, and make use of the US Patent that cost us so much.


Even the most fervent climate change deniers now have to admit that what we do to the atmosphere rebounds on us. It is time we started to address the problem seriously....A Dryline is a start towards the GREEN LIFESTYLE.


The Dryline and its inventor were featured on BBC 1 Midlands Today. Then they were on Dragons' Den. The influence is spreading!  The Dragons didn't like the idea but a lot of you viewers could see it made sense.....

Dragons Den.JPG


Alan loved it. He thought the Dryline was a great idea that they had wrongly trashed. 

As one customer wrote:"Dragons Den were mean to you, and you did not stand up for yourself enough! of course people put washing out when the weather is good, THEN THEY HAVE TO GO OUT TO WORK OR WHATEVER!!!  the washing is then protected under the cover, we do not think it looks unsightly and is such a good idea, we are always passing on your name, the Dragons probably never have to put washing out for themselves!!!"


The Dryline won the Prince's Trust PRIME Awards for Best Product and Senior Entrepreneur of the Year. The cash prize and handsome trophies were awarded at a ceremony held in the BT Centre near St Paul's, London.


The past year has seen the Dryline on a drive towards export, and we have sold to Ireland and Europe, and now we have the USA in our sights. This would not have been possible without the help of UKTI; the UK Trade and Investment authority, and the Passport to Export scheme which has greatly assisted us, and for which we thank them. At last, government assistance that really works for the business! Our thanks go to Nick Corley and Peter Willis of the West Midlands UKTI. 

We are grateful for funding fromt he Central TEchnology Belt and Touch Digital for a funded animated video that is now in production for release in Spring.

Dryline on a rotary airer next to a windmillCAT LIKES DRYLINE

The Centre for Alternative Technology has had the Rotaire Dryline on display for over six years in the Eco Home garden at Macchynlleth. Using a Dryline is an easy way to put theory into practice, saving energy and saving money. You may not be able to afford Solar or a wind farm but you can afford a Dryline.


The Dryline has twice been recommended as a "Best Buy" by the Sunday Telegraph and was featured in the Daily Mail and Prima magazine for its energy saving, ease of use and practicality. It has also been recommended in Martin Lewis's  and other money saving websites.



"It's a brilliant idea & I have to say I am delighted with it. Thank you." 

"This is the best money saving gadget I have ever purchased (& I've notched up a few!). I am parent to 2 disabled teens & the washing machine & therefore the tumble drier are usually always on the go here. The last three quarters electricity bills (autumn, winter & spring) have gone down because I just never use the tumble drier anymore so I am seriously considering selling it. The neighbours have gone from being highly amused by it, to asking me where I got it. It's become beloved of the cats and dog too - somewhere dry & warm to sit. Thank you again for saving me serious amounts of money."

"The Dryline has to be the BEST thing I've bought. just taken delivery of a new deluxe one after my previous one wore out; its the most fabulous thing and all my neighbours are jealous so am handing out leaflets about it"

"I bought one of these Dryline rain covers from you a good few months ago and I have to say that it is the best thing i have ever bought.Through all the rain down pores,and floods that we have had I have still hung out my washing on the line and it has dried." 

"Many thanks for prompt delivery of my order.   Carrier delivered Monday mid morning and item was installed and laundry dried before teatime!!!!!"       

"A brilliant product! When I purchased it my wife was a bit skeptical as to whether it would keep any washing dry in a rain storm. She has now been convinced of how good this product is. There is no no fear of leaving washing out on a showery day and go to work not knowing if the washing will be wet or dry on return home. It always is dry. If you are considering buying one of these just do it. You will see the rewards very soon. As an aside they make great sun shades! Two items in one. Don't dither, buy it now."

"I am so grateful and amazed to find a company like yours that deals with problems so efficiently and courteously. Thank you so much - your customer service is second to none!!"  

What people have to say about Rotaire...

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"I am totally thrilled with my rotaire dryer and have been singing its praises to anyone that will listen to me! When it was wet I used to dry my clothes indoors on an airer. I have not used an airer since I bought the rotaire dryer! "

"The first day I got it, a fairly miserable day when I wouldn't normally have bothered pegging it out outside, i dried 2 loads in the day and I put washing out that evening in the dark and at 6.30am I collected it in dry! It took all the stress out of washing because I knew I could put it out anytime and not worry about the weather. "

"Although you could hardly call the weather we've had recently ideal drying weather, I have to say that the results were way beyond my expectations. Here in Rotherham we've experienced a real mixed bag of weather conditions, much like the rest of the UK I suppose, everything from clear sunny days with temperatures dropping to -4c to foggy and damp. Anyway, washing left out on the line (under the Rotaire Dryline of course) for a couple of days was found to be dry enough to iron!!! No more clothes on radiators (causing condensation) or electric airers using valuable energy. Well worth the initial expenditure which will pay for itself several times over before we would need to consider a replacement (due to the robust nature of its construction). The free cover was of course an added bonus."

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We use Google to track visitor behaviour without any personal details, and we use no intrusive IT techniques.

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